Employee of the Week - April 29, 2019
Employee of the Week - April 29, 2019
Temeka Shannon
Monday, April 29, 2019

Education is a ministry not to be reckoned with simply because we are building life-long learners to produce greatness.

My daily walk on this educational journey is one that I take personally. I have two sons and before them nieces and nephews. When I’m faced with a decision to make about students, teacher performance, curriculum guidelines or expectations I ask myself the following: If this were my children how would this teacher benefit them? How would this software/program benefit them? How will this textbook meet their need? When I put my children’s face on the face of every student then I know the right decision will be made. Leading with my heart creates a caring environment for all. Leading with my mind allows me to communicate a strategic plan; leading with my actions allows me to build servants on my team.

Every child has the ability to learn. I accept no excuses from teachers and/or parents when faced with an issue with a student. As educators we must find the formula that triggers what works for individual students. Structure and assertiveness lead to that learning in any student. Students must understand their role in school and the academic and behavioral expectations placed on them. Parents must understand their roles as well. There is a contrast to the aforementioned statement. A parent may not do their part, consequently; if that’s the case who’s left to fill in the gaps; us, the educators.

I believe the education of our students requires educators to celebrate many components. When we unify our efforts around a strong vision, sound educational practices, professionalism, collaboration and an environment that celebrate success we create an environment that produces good citizens of the school and community.

I have a total of 19 years in education, upon my arrival to Aberdeen School District, as the Chief Academic Officer, I taught English at Tupelo High School and later served as an assistant principal there. At the age of 23, I became the principal of Verona Elementary School. I have been credited with transforming Verona Elementary School to a place where expectations and accountability were top priorities. Learning was fun and my students and I bonded because they witnessed me being an advocate for them. 

I am married to Craig A. Shannon. We are blessed with two boys: Crayden Ray and Kellen Eli Shannon. We attend Rising Star M.B. Church. We are also blessed to have a village to help us maneuver through our busy lives.