The Mission of the Counseling Department at Belle-Shivers is to provide a comprehensive school counseling program that will assist in teaching the whole child and preparing every students to be a responsible citizen in today's society. We are committed to providing quality counseling services to address the needs of students in academic, career, and personal/social developmental domains. The counselor will collaborate with faculty, staff, and students to serve as an advocate and agent of change for all students.

The Role of the Middle School Counselor

Middle school counselors are educators uniquely trained in child and adolescent development, learning strategies, self-management and social skills.. They implement a comprehensive school counseling program to support students through this important developmental period. The school counseling program provides education, prevention and intervention activities, which are integrated into all aspects of students’ lives. The program teaches students the knowledge, attitudes and skills necessary for academic, career and social/emotional development.

School Counseling Services include:

Individual Counseling

Small Group Counseling

Classroom Guidance

Individual Student Planning

Crisis Response




I look forward to impacting the lives of each and every student grades 4-8 at BSMS! If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me via phone or email at 662-369-6241 or smckinney@asdms.us 

Best Regards,

Ms. McKinney