Mrs. Berghuis Explorer Class

In a delightful turn of events, the talented author Jade Owens graced the classroom of Mrs. Berghuis  3rd-grade gifted and 4th-grade students in Aberdeen, MS. The day was filled with excitement as she shared her passion for storytelling and encouraged our young minds to unleash their creativity.

Jade Owens, a self-published author, captivated the students with her engaging tales and inspiring journey to becoming an author. With her warm smile and infectious enthusiasm, she instantly connected with the students, making the experience both entertaining and educational.

The highlight of the visit was the reading session, where Jade treated the students to excerpts from her books. The room buzzed with anticipation as the young readers immersed themselves in the worlds she had created. From brave characters to thrilling adventures, Jade's stories left a lasting impression on the eager minds of our students.

Following the reading, Jade opened the floor to questions from the curious young minds. The students, brimming with excitement, eagerly asked about her writing process, her favorite characters, and the inspiration behind her stories. Jade graciously answered each question, providing valuable insights into the world of writing and publishing.

What set this visit apart was Jade's interactive approach. She not only shared her experiences but also encouraged the students to actively participate. Jade challenged them to channel their creativity by writing a continuation of her first book. The prospect of contributing to the story fired up the students' imaginations, and they eagerly accepted the challenge.

To make the experience even more memorable, Jade announced that she would be back to visit and review the students' creations. The promise of a return visit added an extra layer of excitement and motivation for our budding writers.

For those who wish to explore Jade Owens' literary world further, her books are available on Amazon for purchase. It's a wonderful opportunity for students and parents alike to bring a piece of Jade's imaginative storytelling into their homes.

As Jade bid farewell, the students were left with a newfound passion for storytelling and a sense of empowerment. The visit not only showcased the magic of literature but also inspired our young minds to embrace their creativity and pursue their dreams. We eagerly await Jade Owens' return, eager to share the fruits of our writing endeavors and continue this exciting literary journey.