Aberdeen School District

Agenda Guide for Parent-Teacher Conferences

  • Welcome & Introduction o Establish a relationship which is student-focused.

  • Purpose of the Conference

    • o To share collaborative information to meet the needs of your child.

    • o Consider student-led conferences!

    • Establish and Discuss Academic, Social and Behavioral Goals

    • o Academic Goals- current progress monitoring, grading, achievement

    • o Social Goals- general attitude about school, temperament & personality

    • o Behavioral Goals- influence of peers, family, ‘favorites’, & expectations

    • **Teacher Inquiry - building positive rapport, providing student work examples, setting goals for student success, and team building to improve student achievement.

    • **Parent Inquiry- providing student expectations, support opportunities at home, and establishing open communication between home and school.

  • Supplementary Support o Is additional support required for student success, such as the school counselor, administrator, special education or challenge teachers, other site-based resources?

  • Post Conference Plan: o Establish next-steps for goals involving the student, parent and teacher via a timeline.

Conference Conclusion: o Exchange contact information for communication convenience.

o End on a positive note with clear expectations and take-aways.

Suggested Teacher and Parent Inquiry Questions

Suggested Teacher Inquiry Questions:

  1. What are your goals for your child this year?

  2. What specific concerns do you have about your child’s academic progress and/or social and behavioral goals?

  3. What general questions do you have about the classroom curriculum, standards, assessments or procedures?

  4. What concerns or questions do you or your child have about school?

  5. Does your child have any health problems which might affect his/her behavior or academic progress?

  6. Are there any other issues which I might need to be aware of to support your child while at school?

  7. What are the best ways/convenient times for us to communicate about your child?

  8. What can I answer for you that I may have not answered thus far?

  9. What are some parental tips used at home which I could support you with at school in regard to your child?

  10. What do you want me, as a teacher, to know about your child?

Parent Inquiry Questions:

  1. How is my child doing in your class? What are my child’s grades in each subject area?

  2. Is my child in any special classes, groups or programs? Why? What are the benefits?

  3. How does my child’s work compare to the expectations of grade level mastery?

  4. Is my child performing up to his/her ability? What can I do to help at home?

  5. What goals have been set for my child this year? Do you anticipate my child meeting those goals (academic/social/behavioral)? Why or why not? What programs are available if my child requires additional support?

  6. Has my child missed any classes or failed to complete any assignments?

  7. Does my child participate in class discussions, group work, or activities?

  8. How well does my child interact with his/her peers? Has my child been involved in any issues at school?

  9. What concerns, as a teacher, do you have regarding my child’s behavior or academic progress?

  10. What is the best way for us to communicate and collaborate for my child’s success in school?