Employee of the Week AES

The "AES Employee of the Week" is Mr. Lorenzo Pargo.  Mr. Pargo is more than just the school's custodian.  He is an integral part in what keeps our school moving.  The students love him and the teachers respect him.  I receive many compliments from visitors on the cleanliness of the school and I always refer to Mr. Pargo as being the main cause.  Even when conducting the audit with Mr. Carter he said our floors looked like someone had "put their stamp on them" in a good way because they shined so well.

One of the third grade students described him as the following: "Mr. Pargo is always there when you need him."

Ms. Rogers described him in these words: 
"Mr. Pargo- You are the silent super hero of our school. You pick up the litter, you wipe the goo.  If there is an accident, you deal with that too. I am so very thankful for all that you do!"

As our first employee of the week I could not think of a better recipient.  Mr. Pargo has given many years of service to the Aberdeen School District and I am thankful he is apart of the AES staff.