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 Superintendent Search Service

Aberdeen School District

Stakeholder Meetings and Surveys



Opportunities for stakeholder input are a part of the Mississippi School Boards Association Superintendent Search Service process.  The Aberdeen School District Board made the decision to offer stakeholder webinar meetings and an online stakeholder survey as ways to involve stakeholders in the search for a new superintendent.


School district stakeholders include teachers, staff members, administrators, parents, community members, and business owners.


Involving the stakeholders in the superintendent search process allows for feedback on the characteristics desired in the new superintendent, on the priorities which the new superintendent should address, and on how to define success for the new superintendent at the end of the first year.  The Aberdeen School District board members will use the stakeholder feedback to develop interview questions for the applicants and as a foundation for making the decision as to who will be the new superintendent.


There are two opportunities for stakeholders to provide feedback.  The first opportunity is provided by attending a webinar style stakeholder meeting through ZOOM.  The webinar meetings are conducted by members of the MSBA Superintendent Search Team to explain the search process and to gather input from the stakeholders. Responses from the webinar meetings are scripted and compiled into a stakeholder report for the board members.  All input is anonymous.


In order to make the best use of time for a district, the MSBA search team usually meets with district office administrators, principals and assistant principals in the morning or in early afternoon hours.  The team meets with the teachers and other school-level staff after school is dismissed for the day.  The team then meets with the parents, community, and business members later in the day depending on the decision of the board members.  Please see the district’s website for date and times of the ZOOM webinars.


The second opportunity for stakeholder feedback is provided through an online survey which is posted at the MSBA website and which is announced on the school district’s website.  The survey can be accessed by any stakeholder member and is anonymous.  The results of the online stakeholder feedback are compiled and included in a stakeholder report for the board members.  The online survey is posted for two weeks at with a link at the district’s website.   Please see the district website for the survey link.